Meal Prep Sundays

How productive my Sunday is can sometimes be an indicator of how healthy or stressful my week is going to be. Sunday is typically my day for doing laundry, tidying up the apartment, and doing groceries. It’s important that I get myself organized on Sunday, because Mondays (and lately Tuesdays as well) are usually pretty hectic with work followed by an evening of class. I’ve also been attending more workshops and events to collect practicum hours (these are required in order to complete the Natural Nutrition program) on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

The first thing I do before heading to the grocery store is make a plan for my meals for the week. Here is this week’s list:

meal list

It’s beautiful, I know. The beauty of the list is that it doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be stuck up on the fridge and serve as a reminder for the week. I’ve outlined dinners for each night, because these are the meals that typically vary the most. For breakfast, I always make my go-to Morning Smoothie. My lunches remain largely the same each day and I try to always include raw veggies with whatever I’m having. This week, I’m having farm fresh egg salad on whole wheat English muffins. I find it super helpful to wash and chop my veggies on Sunday, so that I can easily grab and throw them into containers when I pack my lunch.

Some of the easiest veggies to bring along are baby carrots (doesn’t get much more convenient than that), celery, cucumber, and bell pepper. You can bring something to dip them in, like salad dressing or hummus, or enjoy them on their own.

My snacks mostly consist of Greek yogurt with honey, berries and trail mix, or an apple with almond butter, or a handful of nuts and seeds. These are all very easy to pack and bring with me to work.

I know that when I get home from work, the last thing I’m going to want to do is make a complicated meal that takes a long time to prepare. So this week, our dinners will consist of:

  • Monday: Chicken Caesar Salad (I bought the prepackaged, pre-washed, pre chopped salad mix)
  • Tuesday: Gluten-free Meatloaf (I’ll share the recipe soon!) with Caprese Salad
  • Wednesday: Gluten-free Meatloaf (yay for leftovers!) with Caprese Salad
  • Thursday: Omelette
  • Friday: Pita Pizza

I have really been trying to make sure that I include at least one serving of greens or othercaprese salad veggies with each meal, especially dinner when they can easily get overlooked. If you haven’t tried Caprese Salad, I would highly recommend it. It is a super easy, delicious, refreshing addition to your meal and it only takes 4 ingredients! Just throw together some grape or cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, bocconcini or mozza balls, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar et voila!

Being the chocolate lover that I am, I also picked up some dark chocolate with mint and made some Healthy Chocolate Truffles that I’m hoping will help with cravings and stop me from overindulging in junk during the evenings.

Looking forward to the healthy week ahead!!

Today’s Reflection: What healthy options can I incorporate into my weekly meal plan that will help crowd out some of the less healthy options? 

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