Let That Shit Go

Disclaimer: I actually wrote this post 2 months ago. Reading it today… still relevant.

bd0894336d38d234f28889fdff4d19cbThis image came up on my Instagram feed the other day and I thought to myself THIS WAS MEANT FOR ME. I immediately made it the background on my phone and every time I see it, I smile to myself. I’m really trying to embrace this attitude of letting things go, including:

  • Other peoples’ issues
  • Taking things personally
  • Past hurt and resentment
  • Self criticism

I’ve spent so long concerning myself with everyone else around me, instead of focusing on me and my needs, and it is now time to refocus on numero uno.

For me, this means: Making time for yoga. Eating well. Baking healthy treats. Doing exercise that I enjoy. Reading, for knowledge and for pleasure. Taking a lunch break. Going for walks in the evening. Spending time with my friends. Spending time with my family. And, most importantly, not feeling guilty for choosing myself.

Today’s Reflection: What can I do more of that is fully and completely for myself?

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