2018 is My Year to Thrive

I really love this time of year. It’s a time for new beginnings and looking ahead to the future. As I do each year, I took some time to sit down and reflect on the past year and write down my goals for the new year.

After reviewing my goals and thinking about my life for the past year, I decided that the my theme for 2018 is going to be “Thrive”. Thrive is defined as “to grow or develop vigorously; flourish”. This word speaks to me, because I want this year to be one of growth, personal discovery, and getting out of my comfort zone.

In the spirit of accountability and openness, I’m going to share my goals with you. I tried to make my goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based), particularly focusing on the realistic aspect. I also categorized them under 5 sub-themes: Health, Personal Growth, Adventure, Resilience, and Financial.


  • I will feel confident in my bridesmaid dress at my bestie’s wedding in July by:
    • doing vigorous activity minimum 3x per week (run, Greco, exercise or dance class, etc.)
    • being more active in my everyday life (taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking over the lunch hour, inviting friends to do physical activity together)
    • doing meal prep on the weekend for the upcoming week
    • minimizing eating out
  • I will be able to do the splits by doing yoga/stretching 5 days per week for a minimum of 10 minutes

Personal Growth

  • I will explore the possibility of doing Yoga Teacher Training in Ottawa
  • I will explore the possibility of doing a Health Coach Certification
  • I will seek out a mentor or coach
  • I will read one new non-fiction book each month and highlight important learnings


  • I will visit 3 new cities/provinces/countries
  • I will explore more Canadian cities, and Ottawa!
  • I will take a dance class (I classify this as adventure because it is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone!!!)


  • I will practice meditation at least 5x per week for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • I will resume therapy sessions and actively participate
  • I will journal at least 5x per week, and write 3 things I am grateful for each day


  • I will have my line of credit paid off by July 2018
  • I will pay off my credit card by end of February 2018, and not carry a balance going forward
  • I will save for New Years Eve in New Zealand!
  • I will have at least $1000 in my RRSP

I also highlighted some important reminders for myself:

  1. Do not slack on weekends!
  2. Make the most of my time at Carleton – make connections, take advantage of opportunities, and learn!
  3. Practice self-awareness and pay attention to the things I say – am I adding value? Being positive?
  4. Be mindful of my spending
  5. Every little bit counts!

After I finished typing these bad-boys up, I printed them off and hung them on my fridge at home, next to my desk at work, and in my goal planner.

I’m ready to tackle this year head on!

Did you write goals for yourself this year? I’d love to hear them!

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