3 Things I’ve Learned About Goal Setting

I've always been the type to sit down at the end of the year and write down my big, lofty goals. This felt like a worthwhile, productive thing to do. But have I ever reached any of those goals? Certainly not as a result of a systematic approach to reaching them. For my birthday last … Continue reading 3 Things I’ve Learned About Goal Setting


My 2018 Reading List

One of my goals for 2018 is to read one non-fiction book per month. I took a look at my "To Read" list on my phone that is steadily growing, and chose the 12 books that I have been wanting to read for the longest. Here they are! Rising Strong - Brené Brown The Pursuit … Continue reading My 2018 Reading List

Top 5 Reasons to Drink More Water

If I had to choose just one piece of nutrition advice to give someone, it would be this: DRINK MORE WATER Seriously, it's the nutrient of life. You can survive up to 3 weeks without food (not something I would recommend...) but without water, you wouldn't even make it to next week. Besides being life-sustaining, … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Drink More Water