3 Things I’ve Learned About Goal Setting

I've always been the type to sit down at the end of the year and write down my big, lofty goals. This felt like a worthwhile, productive thing to do. But have I ever reached any of those goals? Certainly not as a result of a systematic approach to reaching them. For my birthday last … Continue reading 3 Things I’ve Learned About Goal Setting

Meal Prep Sundays

How productive my Sunday is can sometimes be an indicator of how healthy or stressful my week is going to be. Sunday is typically my day for doing laundry, tidying up the apartment, and doing groceries. It's important that I get myself organized on Sunday, because Mondays (and lately Tuesdays as well) are usually pretty hectic with work … Continue reading Meal Prep Sundays

Habits: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The thing about habit is that sometimes we don't notice that something has become a habit until it's a deeply ingrained habit. And by that point, breaking that not-so-great habit becomes a bit tricky. When you've been running on autopilot, it can be difficult to stop. You need to re-train your brain and your body.